Accurate diagnosis of  the underlying aetiology of right ventricular VT: Crucial for  patient outcome

Accurate diagnosis of  the underlying aetiology of right ventricular VT: Crucial for  patient outcome

Using serial ECGs, endo- and epicardial voltage and activation mapping data and imaging (such as LGE-CMR and fat thickness on CT), we develop new tools for diagnosing the underlying aetiology in RV cardiomyopathies (e.g. sarcoidosis, ARVC, athletes) and simultaneously increase our understanding and the treatment of VTs originating from the RV.  


Legacy: Athletes substrate

This project improves identification of the arrhythmogenic substrate in the RV with different mapping tools (optimal endocardial unipolar voltage cutoff, RV tissue heterogeneity on CT, transmural activation time). This has lead to the idientification and effective treatment of the novel clinical entity of endurance athletes with VT from a limited epicardial RVOT scar.

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Sarcoid vs. ARVC

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