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Continuously improving arrhythmia management

At the WECAM institute, clinical care and research are performed according to the highest standards. Over the years, a large number of international fellows has joined our team, focusing on research and/or clinical care. The possibilities and requirements are outlined on this page.

What do we offer?

Research fellowships

PhD projects

Clinical fellowships

Observational fellowships (2-4 weeks) focusing on specific topics (via EHRA).

Clinical fellowships (12-24 months) for Dutch and international fellows focusing on training in clinical electrophysiology. Hands-on opportunities depend on experience and language skills.

I stayed at the LUMC between 2013 and 2015. The days in Leiden were wonderful and very important for my life and career as an EP specialist. First, I had great opportunities to acquire general ablation skills and patient management through standard ablation procedures, and to learn the strategies and advanced techniques for challenging cases of complex ventricular arrhythmias and congenital cases with experienced ablators and international fellows. Second, there is a huge chance to conduct interesting research work focusing on arrhythmic diseases as people of EP lab, headed by prof. Zeppenfeld, are all open-minded and there are rich resources (imaging modalities, animal experiment lab, world-wide collaborators) to realize projects concerning clinically important questions.

— Dr. Masaya Watanabe
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micaela ebert electrophysiology wecam

I had the pleasure to spend two years as an electrophysiology and research fellow at the Leiden University Medical Centre in the excellent team directed by Prof. Zeppenfeld. The high-level clinical training, combined with the offer to be involved in an impressive range of scientific projects, exceeded all my prior expectations. My mentors, teachers, co-fellows and co-researchers created the opportunity for me to pursue my passions in electrophysiology and enabled me to be a better professional.

— Dr. Micaela Ebert
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